The Five Underworlds

These are worlds that exist in a different time and space, rather than in the Earth's core. They are not planets in another solar system, so have no sun or moon. Rather, they exist in another dimension, and if you don't know how to get out, you'll likely be trapped there forever.

Sadaar - Penal colony for the entire universe. Sadaar is filled with the most vile criminals, the ones who can never be allowed their freedom. Once inside the gates, inmates are there forever. The gates are controlled by members of the Order of the Red Falcon.

Syndall - Home to the Dark Fae, who take pleasure in causing death and chaos. There is no entry point to Syndall. The only way to get in or out is to use one of the Sacred Stones.

Simroo - Run by harvestor demons, Simroo is where humans, taken by the demons, must participate in deadly combat for sport. It has one entry and exit point known only by the demons and is used by them to come to Earth acquire more humans for the arena.

Nexum - Home of the Sacred Stones that allow travel from one underworld to another, as well as from an underworld to Earth. Here, travel to anywhere and anywhen is also possible. Currently ruled by Ashka the Wise.

Toth - Reserved for the worst of all sorcerers, convicted of practicing black or dark magik by the Council of Wizards. No way in and no way out. The convicted are delivered there by using the Stone.