Eskarian Warrior Series

Series Introduction
Eskarians, an ancient race originating from the Basque mountains, protect humankind from the myriad supernatural threats against it. Immortal, fierce, powerful hunters, they destroy that which seeks to destroy humans.

From demons, beings from other planets, other dimensions, to monsters from any of the five underworlds, the war against humanity rages daily. In this world, the lines between good and bad blur, magik is a powerful tool, and the battle to stay alive eventually takes its toll on them all.

Book One: The Fae and the Stone
Scotland, 1773. The young Highlander Christopher Bartholomew finds himself an unwilling guest at castle Díonadair. His wounds, the result of an attack by a Nightwolf, a predator with an appetite for human blood, leave him near death. Too weak to escape, Christopher faces a terrible choice at the hands of his captors: become like them or die. He cannot be allowed to become a Nightwolf himself, for he would then become a threat to humankind.

For Christopher, t’is an easy choice. He allows his blood to be taken and his body changed. Newly Eskarian, he learns how to harness his new powers for good, to master the sword and dagger, and hunt with speed and stealth.

He learns that one of the three Sacred Stones of Nexum has been stolen by a Dark Fae. He must now find a way to track and defeat her to return the Stone to its rightful owner, Ashka the Wise. But when the Fae traps him in the underworld of Syndall, the stakes are raised. He can’t get home without the Stone and she's not about to give it up without a fight.

His first battle against a deadly foe could easily be his last.

An origin story.

Book Two: Dark Infinite - Christopher Bartholomew has visions so painful, they nearly drive him to madness. When he sees that Ashka, ruler of the Nexum underworld and keeper of the Stone, has been murdered, he knows something far worse is coming, for the Stone allows travel between underworlds and Earth. Someone or something will come looking for it. Now the Stone is in his hands and he must keep it safe, no matter the cost. Yet the visions continue, and it takes everything he has to keep it together. How much more can he endure before the beast within him claws its way out?

After a vicious attack by something she doesn't understand, Mackenzie Wallace lays at Death's door. When Christopher find her, he takes her blood, her body, and gives her something unexpected--a second chance at life. She discovers his world, where every battle is to the death, and it terrifies her. Yet, she's determined to carve a place for herself in this new world, to become more than she ever could've thought possible. As she hones her new skills with swords and knives, she realizes all too quickly that immortality doesn't mean invincibility.

Christopher discovers a coven of ancient sorcerers has risen from Toth, the underworld reserved for the darkest of sorcerers. Now freed from the confines of the underworld, they will bind their minds and lives to the demon of Dark Infinite to, once again, become Circle of the Twelve. Feared for their power in ancient times, they will unleash Dark magick upon the Earth to forge a new world order.

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Book Three: Not yet named
Griffin and the necromancer. Total rewrite.

Book Four: Riana Unveiled
Total rewrite.

Book Five: Rise
First draft complete. Never before published.