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Eskarian Warrior Series


The Underworlds
The Beginning


Book One: The Stone of Ashka. Ashka, ruler of the Underworld Nexus, is dead, killed by thieves. His Sacred and Powerful Stone is missing, presumably taken by the thieves who killed him.

Alistair McConnell, a master wizard, seeks to change the balance of power on Earth by resurrecting the Twelve, an ancient coven of sorcerers, practitioners of the deadly and forbidden Dark Magic. He has a spell to do this temporarily. To make it permanent, he needs the Stone.

He doesn't have it.

The Twelve, members of the long-dead Sorcerers Council, were sentenced to live forever in the Underworld of Toth, punishment for practicing Dark Magic. They are eager for any chance to escape their hell. To rule again as the Council is a boon they could never have imagined. Now that they've had a taste of freedom, they'll stop at nothing to remain free.

Standing in their way is the immortal warrior, Christopher Bartholomew, protector of humankind. He has discovered the plan to restore the Council to power and knows the Stone is needed. He must prevent the Twelve from getting it and unleashing its formidable power to forge a new world order.

Coming December 2019, Remagine Books.

Read the prologue here.

Book Two: Not yet named

Book Three: Not yet named

Book Four: Rise