I've started doing interactive stories about my Eskarian warriors. The stories tell more about my heroes than what's in the books.

Below is the first interactive story I wrote. I did it while I was working on my masters degree and so this was homework. It's goofy and short. My professor got a kick out of it.

Click here to play the game.

The class I was taking was about gaming. It was there I learned about webcomics. I tried drawing a few things by hand but found the process frustrating. Yet, I still wanted to do the webcomic.

So this next story is my version of the webcomic. It's another interactive story, but this one has chapters. Depending on the choices you make, you'll be taken to a different prequel to three of my formerly published (and soon to be re-published) books. For the record, this is my work unedited, first draft. It's going right from my head to the page. Please forgive any typos or errors and, most importantly, enjoy.

Joshua and The Long Walk