About Alexa

  Alexa started writing as a teenager, but gave it up to become a responsible adult, which didn't work out so well. She spent many years in the IT industry and after a series of life events, retired in 2010. She is now a full-time writer.

Alexa was first published in 2003 and to date has written five novels, one novella, and one anthology. She's also written a science fiction screenplay and one television pilot.

She has an MFA in creative writing from Full Sail University, and resides in Seattle, WA.

Alexa prefers to be inside her own slightly warped head, working on her current work in progress or maybe on the beach, if the sun happens to be out.

You will never understand just how amazing you are until you're standing naked before God, with nothing left, and so nothing left to lose. Only then will you see the light within you, and only then you can begin to build the life you were always meant to have. But understand: this is only the beginning. You are capable of so much more than you thought possible. The world, truly, is your oyster. Dare to reach for more.