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In Today's News

Mar 16, 2019 - I've started blogging again. I do this periodically and then stop because I have too much going on. I'll try to keep going. Check it out by clicking on the link above.

Mar 4, 2019 - I've put up the first chapter of my interactive story, called The Long Walk. Check it out by clicking on the Games link above.

About the Dark Side
I started writing as a teenager, but have been writing professionally (off and on) since 2003, under more than one pseudonym, mostly because my name is sooo boring. But now I've decided to write as me.

Everyone has a dark side.

I write fantasy novels. My current series is about a group of warriors who fight things that go bump in the night. A recurring theme in these stories is that while the warrior is battling something that wants to destroy humanity, he's also battling the darkness in his own head.

My heroes are flawed people, in emotional pain, trying to get through the day without exploding. Some get better, some don't. Some can't.

The darkness lives inside all of us. You might not want to admit it's there, but it is nonetheless. How much you show to the rest of the world is entirely up to you.

Mostly. Sometimes, the darkness shows itself in spite of you. Because sometimes it's in control, not you.

And that's when the really bad stuff happens.